How to Apply default modern themes like Purple Red Orange using csom

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I am using OfficeDevPnP solution to provision my SharePoint Team Site Collections. I am creating Modern Home Pages, Modern Libraries (Enabling List level Experience, not from Tenant level) etc.


I have noticed that there is a big list of default themes like Blue, Purple, Red etc. Which can be changed easily using "Change the look" menu item from the COG.


In the classic world if I would have want to set a Theme while provisioning a Team Site Collection, I would have used below code


web.ApplyTheme(paletteServerRelativeUrl, fontServerRelativeUrl, backgroundServerRelativeUrl, shareGenerated: true);


Now while provisioning a team site collection if I want to set Modern default themes as "Purple", then what should my code look like? Or is it possible? I am sorry for my ignorance if question looks silly to anyone. :)

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Hi @AsadRefai


Check out the official documentation here

It contains all the information you need and links to examples in CSOM, PowerShell or the REST api.


Hope it helps.