How to Apply Company Theme and manage Global Nav and Footer Links using PnP for Communication Sites

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I am doing Site Design provisioning via PnP Template and Azure Automation Powershell. However, I find that the generated template is incomplete and I need to do the following things manually:


  • Manage Global navigation
    • Remove default "Home" link
    • Remove default "Site Contents" link
  • Change the Look [Theme]
    • Apply Company Theme
  • Change the look [Header]
    • Set to use Background 4th option
    • Upload Site Logo to Site Assets folder
  • Change the look [Navigation]
    • Set to use "Cascading" instead of Megamenu
  • Change the look [Footer]
    • Set Footer Name Visibility to show and populate Footer Name
    • Populate Footer Links

So far, the only thing I was able to automate was showing the footer, but I haven't found any code for the rest. I tried the Remove-PnPNavigationNode command but it seems it doesn't work for Communication Sites.


Is there any way for me to automate the above manual tasks using PnP PowerShell?

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