How to add "new" banner to Hero webpart tiles?

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Good evening, hoping to get some direction here...


We're training a handful of end-users on how to create and inject new content (i.e. company announcements such as new hires) via the Hero web part. Is there a way to add a red "NEW" banner to a Hero tile that's <14 days old, for example? We're looking to draw the users' eyes when they visit our homepage when something new has been posted to the Hero web part on our company intranet homepage. If it's possible, how can this be accomplished? Here is a rough mock up of what we'd be looking to do....




If this is not possible, what about doing the same on a News/Announcements web part?


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Unfortunately the Hero Web Part supports the customizations you have described here

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hi, thank you for your response. I assume you meant to type: "Unfortunately the Hero Web Part does not support the customizations you have described here"?


Is the same true for the news/Announcements web parts?


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