How to add a Projected Field to a List in SharePoint Online

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I need to add the Title field (as a hyperlink) from List B as a column in List A, where List B has a Lookup column referencing one entry in List A.


Lists A and B are within the same Site, and the platform is SharePoint Online.


I understand this can be done with Joins and Projected Fields and I've found the documentation on the CAML that seems to be required ( It doesn't seem hard.


My question is, where do I put that CAML? All the documentation talks about editing XML files in a certain folder on the server, but in this case it's SharePoint online... Is there a way to edit those CAML files on SharePoint online? What permissions are required to do this (I'm the site owner, but by no means an admin I think as I'm not even in IT)?


Also, is there no easier way to achieve this? Surely this is such a common request it should be a point and click solution?

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Here's a more concrete example:


I have Customers and Sales.


In the Customers list I want to have hyperlinks to each Sale that relates to that Customer.


Can anybody help, please?

Is there anybody out there who can help with this, please?