How to add a link to off line Html docs located on a sharedrive ?

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We are trying to link a \\fileServerName\shareName\index.html from our shared networked to our Sharepoint site.

Our employees do not have internet access. So we've downloaded off line html documentation of some our software vendors and we would like our employee to access them within our Sharepoint community site.


Anyone ?



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Hi @tgroppi 


I don't have an on-premises SP environment to test this in, but you might be able to make this work by creating .url files in your SP document library.


Create a text file with a .url extension and content similar to:




Upload the .url file to your document library. I can't do this on SharePoint online since .url files are blocked, but you should be able to override this for on-premises installations if needed. But check doing so is compatible with your security policy.


An alternative might be to add links in your site header to file:////fileServerName/shareName/index.htm.

Thanks let me give it a try

Couldn't get this to work. Any other workarounds ? Tx

@tgroppi , can you elaborate on which part didn't work?


Were you able to upload the .url file? If not then you will likely need to discuss with your SharePoint admin to permit those types of files to be uploaded.

I did the .url file, but when you open it in SP it doesn't display the index.html the same way as Firefox. I do have admin rights. I could email a small off line web site to test if you want (Email address removed)

Hi @tgroppi 


I don't have on-premise SP so I don't think I would be able to run anything that you send me.


You didn't mention what actually happened when you clicked on the .url file in SharePoint. Could you post a screenshot as it might give an idea of what to check next.