How do I upgrade my project to SPFx Generator 1.4.0 ?

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I have a number of SPFx projects built using the SPFx generator 1.3.4 or before.


Is there any guidance how I upgrade these projects to the SPFx generator 1.4.0 as I am especially interested in the deploying all of the files (JSON, javascript) to the .sppkg file and hence to the Office365CDN.


If I create a new project using the SPFx generator v1.4.0 what files do I need to copy across to the new project from the 1.3.4 version of the project ?





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Update an existent project to 1.4

To use the latest version of the SharePoint Framework you will have to update the packages of your project to do it follow the steps bellow

  1. Open the command line in the project folder
  2. Type npm outdated to get a list of all the outdated packages; from the list you will get:
    • Current version installed in your project
    • Version requested by your project (available in package.json)
    • Latest version available

    Outdated SPFx Packages
    SharePoint Framework packages are identified by the prefix @microsoft/sp-

  3. For each outdated package run the command npm install mypackage@newversion –save
  4. Run the command gulp --update to update your config.json to the latest version
  5. Once you get all the packages updated run the command gulp clean
  6. Build your project again using the command gulp build and verify if the newer version didn’t cause any errors.

More information about performing the updates to 1.4 can be found here