How do I know if a page is in modern UI mode using PnPPowerShell ?

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I need to audit a site and one of my tasks is to ensure that all pages are in Modern UI mode, the other thing I need to know is what Client Side Web Parts are deployed to each page.


I want to use the PnP PowerShell commands (or even just PowerShell CSOM commands)







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Have you tried using Get-PnPClientSidePage?

Hi Pieter

What is the diffeence between get-PnPWebPart and Get-PnPClientSidePAge ?

I get "object reference not set to an instant of an object" when I use Get-PnPClientSidePage.

I get nothing when I use Get-PnPWebPart



The page was created in the root site and is has the modern UI.





You should get something like this:


Get-PnPClientSidePage home.aspx

PageTitle           : 
Sections            : {OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.CanvasSection}
Controls            : {7f718435-ee4d-431c-bdbf-9c4ff326f46e, a5df8fdf-b508-4b66-98a6-d83bc2597f63, df611e7c-5498-4843-a936-14e8ec332dcd, eb95c819-ab8f-4689-bd03-0c2d65d47b1f}
LayoutType          : Home
KeepDefaultWebParts : False
Context             : OfficeDevPnP.Core.PnPClientContext
PagesLibrary        : SitePages
PageListItem        : Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItem
DefaultSection      : OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.CanvasSection
CommentsDisabled    : False

 if you had a traditional page you would get:


Get-PnPClientSidePage : Page 'home.aspx' does not exist



I have tried this and I get the errors in the attached file.


Hi @Nigel Price,


You don't need to add the double quotes to the file names. So either:


Get-PnPClientSidePage A-Modern-Page.aspx 


if you prefer to enter it on the Identity prompt then also no quotes.

Ah I wonder mayb e the - in the file name?


Can you try it with the default home.aspx file?

Hi Pieter 


I tried that and I still get the "Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object"





Can you add to your scripts the $web like below:


$web = Get-PnPWeb
Write-Host $web.Url
Get-PnPClientPageSidePage -Web $web -Identity home.aspx

Just another thought, you could try Get-PnPProvisioingTemplate -Out temp.xml


Then you should find the page in there and check if you can find the modern web parts there.


Hi Pieter


I thought a provisioning template only had the home page in it ?





Could you set it to the default page for testing purposes.
Ah, that reminds me, I had something like this when I tried to export a list view page in the past.

@Nigel Price 

Get-PnPClientSidePage throws error if you are trying to find details of OOTB pages (or pages created in browser). 

It works on custom pages created using pnp cmdlets.

Here is the issue opened in Github.