How Do I get the data and time a workflow ran using PnP-PowerShell

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I am trying to find when all of my SP2010 workflows were run.


I have a PnP-PowerShell script which goes round all of the site collections, sites and subsites looking for the workflows.


I now need to find when they were last run, again using the PnP-PowerShell.





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Hi @Nigel Price,


You can use the Powershell command below. Workflows will be listed by browsing all sub-sites.


Thank You @yunusemrearac - I will give it a try.

Hi @yunusemrearac 


Having looked at this a bit closer, How do I get the date and time the workflow last ran ?





Hi @Nigel Price 


You can using the last runtime for SharePoint Designer Workflow with this PowerShell Script.