How do I delete a file from sharepoint folder

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I have been searching the internet and all the suggestions mention a checkoff box.  The page I am looking at does not have any check off boxes.  I try to hover over the name, file and tried to right click on both and cannot find a direction to lead me to delete.



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@Bob_McLeod to delete a document, in the document library hover over the document then click the 3 dots to the right. In the menu that appears click Delete, it's the 7th item down in the menu.


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thanks Rob for the quick reply. When I put my cursor over the file name all that happens is the name "underscores" and no dots appear. I have seen those dots before but cannot see them now. I looked at another sharepoint page within our company and it was the same. I was thinking our main administrator put some limitations on.

Below is snip of what I see with my cursor on the name.

Now I do have the folder with a setting of "edit without checkout" but I doubt that would have any bearing.



I cant get the snip to show up here. It did not show much anyway.

this is solved. i had to go into Settings, then Site Contents, then the appropriate library and drill down to my folder. In this view I was able to see the dots with the actions I was looking for. This "library" must have been created with some limitations.@Bob_McLeod 

Please forgive me, I KNOW EXACTLY how frustrating it is to look for answers from the community only to get a possible answers long after you've found your own solution:(

The issue you seem to be having is that the document library you were looking at was probably through the lens of a highlighted content web part, which was formated as a list view. It may be a similar situation if the library you are perusing is through any webpart which is designed to simply display the contents, expecting the user to edit or view the objects.

If you wanted the user to interact with the documents then you needed to edit the page and replace the webpart with a document library webpart that has the appropriate view associated to it. The view you choose should allow for the selection of the objects.

Yes, a work around for a specific object, if it is not for everyone to work with, is to go to the Site Contents and view the library from that area. Everywhere else you see that library on any other page it will be as a webpart. That webpart could be a document library webpart, or one of several other OOTB or 3rd party custom components. If, when you are in edit mode, you can click on the area surrounding your documents and discover that the "Documents" thing that you are looking at has a pencil to imply that you can edit the webpart, then edit the webpart and take a look at what views it allows. If it doesn't natively permit an option to allow for editing of the properties or the deletion of the documents then simply swap that webpart out for a document library and customise that to suit your needs.

Hope this helps with other similar questions.