How can a get a repport from a libary when somthing was not changed.

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How can a get a report from a library when something was not changed.

Expel: in 20 library has 100 document there are 10 document who has to been opened every day.

I can place an alert and become so 200 mails a day.

I'd like to become a rapport with the ones who hasn't been opened.




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You will have to create something with a webhook or event receiver.

If you have a Microsoft Azure account, I would also recommend Azure Functions for this purpose. 


There are a lot of articles out there describing how to create and use Azure Functions. This is one example:






If you want to a single report for all 20 library the use custom query and scripts to generate report.

If you want to individual report for each library then just create a view where [Modified] date  should not be Today and using OOTB export to excel you can get reports.


Hope this helps!!