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Good Morning.


I am having an issue wherein the Sharepoint library is getting updated after XX:13 hours.
For example,

If i upload 10 documents at 2:10, 2:20, 2:23 and so on..
It will not upload to Sharepoint directly rather than it will start uploading at 3:13 and upload all the pending documents one by one.

This is the case with one library while others are working fine.

Here the scenario is with each and every auto upload through our application to sharepoint and it is same for each time frame, i.e. it will only upload the pending documents after XX:13 hours.

One more scenario to note down is if we upload manually, it will upload directly and will display the user name in Sharepoint who uploads the document.
When we do an auto upload, it will upload with the username as System.

We have also checked the jobs running in Sharepoint or database which could trigger this with no results.
We want the upload should happen immediately whenever we upload a document.
Please help.

Himanshu Bisht

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Any suggestions?