Hosted workbench stopped working

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EDIT: I figured out the issue. Apparently, if the site already has the web part uploaded and added to the home page of the site the workbench keeps using that version and not the version running in my Visual Studio Code.


For several weeks I have been developing in Visual Studio Code and running my project by using the "npm fast serve" command while using the hosted workbench that looks like the following URL




but the other day it stopped working. Now it's running an old version of the code and none of my changes are being reflected on it. It used to refresh the page any time I saved my changes in Visual Studio but it no longer does that. Is there some sort of connection to my local project that is broken? I've tried clearing the cache (ctrl+f5), removing and re-adding the web part, and deleting all my browser history (cache, temp files etc.) but nothing works.  


One odd thing that I noticed is that when I use the normal site URL





it shows my changes when I have my project running in Visual Studio like the workbench did. Is that supposed to happen? When I'm not running my project in Visual Studio the URL shows the web part data that was uploaded to the app catalog. I've been able to use the normal URL as a workaround/replacement for the workbench for now but I would like to get the workbench to work again.


Anyone know how to get the workbench to work again? Thanks.

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