home redirected to site pages while modern view is on. bug?

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I have observed that the home page for a site takes us to the site pages library not the home page.

When i return to classic view, it took me to the home page and worked fine.


Basically it goes recursively to site pages showing Home.aspx which i have setup for the site.


I think this bug got introduced to the system after communication sites and site modern pages were introduced along with exit classic mode view.


Any help please

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I think it depends on the modern site you are....with Office 365 Group sites this was the normal behavior, but it's not anymore like this. Additionally, you can always set a page as home page of your modern SPO site

No, its a subsite under a classic site.

When you have modern experience for lists and doc libs enabled, if you click on home, it takes you to the site pages.


When you return to classic experience, it displays the normal home page.

I would confirm this behavior. Please share if you find a solution.

This is a bug in SharePoint after they deployed modern view for most things (classic lists etc.) I am on a first release tenant and highlighted this a couple weeks ago, it was a global issue that has since been patched. If you're not on first-release you may not have the patch, can you confirm if the issue is still there?

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has anybody got it resolved ? We are also facing same issue post migration from share point 2013 on premise to online. When we load the home page for the first time ( modern view set as default view ), home page gets redirected to site pages library and when we click on return to classic experience it loads fine .Now when you again switch to modern experience home page loads fine ( second time). I know this is weird but we are unable to solve it.