Home page is not working

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Hi, I am new with Sharepoint and I am having some problems.


To start with, I have added my intranet Home, but when I select domain.sharepoint.comi get the system downloading the "home.url"




Now, that being said, I selected "set as principal page" as you can see in the next 2 screenshots.




But the nav bar is not being able to be reviewed in other sharepoints sites or the domain.sharepoint.com also is not linking me to that site.



The last thing is that, when I want to publish the sharepoint, It is asking me to review the page and then it is telling me that I should wait 1 week to publish it. It does not make sense, since other sites are not requiring neither of those 2 things.



I do apologize for the convenience, I know that this might be noob questions, but I havent found the solutions online. Then again, I thank you for your time.

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