Hit "exceeds the list view threshold" when using SharePoint API GetListItemChangesSinceToken

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I have a question about using the SharePoint API GetListItemChangesSinceToken. In my program, I used this API to get the items of the list with token so that I can get the changes of the list with the token later. However, I encounter an issue when the items of the Document Library is more than 5000 (It seems that it's the default setting in SharePoint in order to prevent the performance issue).  


Here's the error message:

"The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold"


I tried to use "rowLimit" supported by this API and set the searching criteria in the "query" part. However, it still encountered the same issue. 


May I know if there's a way to solve it so that I can get the token and the items for the Document Library with more than 5000 items? Here are the directions I think that can solve the issue.


1. Any other parameters in the request that I can set to overcome this problem.

2. Any other searching criteria in the 'query' part in the request that I can use to overcome this problem

3. Any other setting in the SharePoint side that can fix this issue. Or programmatically change the setting? 


Thank you for your help.





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