Higlighted Content Webpart CAML Query filter not working

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@Vesa Juvonen 
Has anyone facing the problem that the new higlighted content webpart not work with CAML query filtering?

See my results below in the screenshot


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@JBranders I am having the same issue.  I submitted a Microsoft support ticket and spoke with a developer today.  He was not aware that this was possible with an ootb web part.  We examined the headers using the Chrome dev tools and found the CAML.  He said that it was formatted correctly.


The interesting part is that the same simple query when using the Filter option and not the Query option returns the expected results.  I also found that the site level KQL is working for a simple query.


I've been using U2U CAML Builder to validate that results are returned and we did the same using CSOM.

@JBranders I heard back from MS support developer today.  You must add <View></View> to the query.


This one works:

<FieldRef Name='SingleLineText' />
<Value Type='Text'>test2</Value>