Highlighted Content Web Part freezing page (Chrome and Edge)

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Hi guys, 


I use the highlighted content web part on a lot of my sites and it generally works just fine. As of yesterday, however, I went to edit a page and opened the highlighted content web part edit panel and it seems to completely freeze up the UI. In fact, when that web part is on the page, ALL web part edit panels seem to freeze up. As soon as I remove the web part, all other web part edit panels work just fine.


I am getting a lot of errors in the console whenever this happens as well.  I have confirmed this on Chrome and Edge, as well as on several sites, computers, and user accounts. Has anyone else noticed this issue as of yesterday afternoon?

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Having the same problem since a few days: The highlighted Content WebPart doesn't work properly anymore. It seems that problem occures on pages with a lot of WebParts...