Hiding Default Header, Footer, and Logo

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I want to hide the default SharePoint 365 header (but still showing the command bar), footer, and logo. I used a css injection script but using the script, I would have to enter in the literal kebab suffix like headerNav-154 or footerNav-165. Because after sass transpiled the selectors, it would add the kebab suffix at the ends of the css selectors. I can’t keep on adding these specific suffixes to my custom css file. How should I go about hiding these header, footer, and logo without using this css injection?
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Hi @htd2519 ,

you should not do these customizations, they are not recommended by Microsoft best practices.


In addition to this, the risk is that updates can make your changes useless, and show what you're hiding.
Think of a way to make users understand the importance of the O365 bar, set a default logo and work on platform adoption.



Hi Federico,
This is my design specification and I have to abide by it. The client wanted me to model this after another site within the company that has the same design, so it’s doable code wise. I just need to find out how other than a CSS injection. All 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐩/feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hi @htd2519 

I can understand your situation.

From my personal point of view, the customer must be aware of the risk: what "saves" today using the same CSS, will spend it tomorrow with a bad impression when the site breaks.

Best of luck :)