Hide the "+ Add Column" header link and empty column in a SharePoint Online list

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I've seen this question asked over the years.  Does anyone or has MSFT provided any option to get this "feature" to be optionally disabled?  On a modern UI display, even people with Contribute can do this ( even if they have less as I sometimes create a custom permission level based on Contribute to remove the ability to Delete).  I just spent time I won't get back in my life having to explain, multiple times, that this field is not for adding or changing a view to a list and instead adds new underlying columns.  The other issue with users adding a column is that it does not show up in the display where we would want and has the potential to cause tons of confusion.  I don't mind that it exists.  I just want the ability to remove it to make our screens looks better and spending less time saying the same thing over and over to users.



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You can manage this using Permissions in SharePoint.

Only users with Edit or higher permissions (like Designer, Full Control, etc.) can see this option lists.



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I already mentioned this in my post. The users have LESS than Contribute access or Contribute access already yet they still see it. I say Contribute deliberately since I know it is less than Edit access. So that does answer does not help since in reality, that does not work.