Help to creating a Reminder e-mail with Sharepoint Designer

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I am learning to use Sharepoint Designer and have started a Site Flow to using in PWA process where I Create tasks (Start a Task Process) and when approved or rejected it advances to the next phase. But my problem is that I need the person to be reminded daily that there is task to be approved.



Within the "Star a Task process" there is the Email Options Field > "Send Past Due Task Emails" which I imagine would be a way to send the email to remind them, but I never get the email.


(Sorry, The language of the tool is pt-br to me)

I need help to make this functionality work or create a Flow that works together with the "Start a Task Process", because I am very lost and it is difficult to find article on the subject in my language, here at least I will have more direct answers to what I need.


Start task Process creates the tasks in the Project Server Workflow Tasks list



Thank you very much for your attention.

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Have you had any joy yet? Is this still a problem?



I even managed to send it, but it starts at the same moment that the task is created and I would need it to be a day later, I tried to change the fields and use it, but the Start a Task Process it only modifies some specific fields and I couldn't find another alternative, I'm still searching.