Have you seen the updates to SharePoint Framework?


Sliced bread has nothing on the offline-capable SharePoint Workbench. You don't need to stand up a dev/test environment or a playground online tenant.



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Interesting, YouTube is blocked at my workplace, I usually see a message about that but in this your post just contains whitespace, no hint of what is there.
One thing to keep in mind. It is looking like this is not going to be available to SharePoint 2013. I know of at least one attendee of the Dev Kitchens said he got it working in SP2013, but it involved some hacking to make it work. You really don't want to build solutions on a jury-rigged framework.

That being said, I know that Eric Overfield wrote a blog about developing as if you were using the framework. You can find that here: http://www.sptechcon.com/news/dont-wait-to-get-started-with-the-sharepoint-framework

You unfortunately aren't going to get the workbench which is a significant tool within the framework, but you can at least develop like the framework is designed to be.

Just my thoughts on this.

Most Front-End developers have been doing Front-End development since JavaScript was called LiveScript.

They have been doing REST for years. 

They are on the Angular band-wagon but keep a sharp eye on what Rob is doing with Aurelia.

Don't expect this "FrameWork" or "Workbench" to be a revolution.

It is a bunch of connectors to connect Front-End with SharePoint 2016 stuff. (And oh yes, CSR, JSLink are gone)

And most Fronteers will probably think it is just another Tell-Sell tool






It's here - the SharePoint Framework preview is released.

Read more about that here: https://dev.office.com/blogs/sharepoint-framework-developer-preview-release


Get the bits on GitHub: https://github.com/SharePoint/


/ Zimmergren

FYI, I had to manually run


npm install --save es6-promise

before the sample would work. Might just be my machine though.


Also, are the project files supposed to be so big. The hello world sample seems to download 97,000 files?

This is a very exciting move. I have downloaded tool need to start working with this framework.

But the problem i am facing now is when i browse to workbench.aspx from my tenant it gives me following error


"The Requested operation is part of an experiment feature that is not supported in the current environment"

Hi Kunal


This is becuase you are not using a SharePoint Online Development Tenancy (Not Site Collection).


You need to sign up for a development tenancy.





I'm liking what I've seen so far but I'm guessing that since it runs entirely on the client side within the SharePoint context we are restricted to using Office 365 assets?


If external data access to SQL is needed would the provider hosted SharePoint Add-In be the recommended approach going forward?

If you expose your SQL throught a REST service, you could then work with your SQL Data. If that it's not possible, you have to rely on Provider-Hosted Add-ins.

I can imagine the authentication side of that getting complicated but I'll see what I can find. Now I've seen the new framework I don't want to go back to using iframes!