Have you seen the updates to SharePoint Framework?


Sliced bread has nothing on the offline-capable SharePoint Workbench. You don't need to stand up a dev/test environment or a playground online tenant.



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Really looking forward to the workbench preview! :)

It is a one of the tool all developers were awaited..!

Can't wait to start using it
My development team is avid for the new SharePoint Framework!
The question is when will it be out for non-MVPs ? - We have not got to wait until Ignite for it have we ??
It's coming for the rest of MVPs and the general public ;)
When Juan! I am right in the middle of developing an intranet on the old model and would love to get my hands on this.

It's been announced to start releasing to First Release tenants third quarter this year. More info @ https://blogs.office.com/2016/05/04/the-sharepoint-framework-an-open-and-connected-platform/.

@Robert Woods If I were you, I would hold off the project at least until Microsoft Ignite where we should have a more clear picture about when the new stuff is going to be released...and when I say new stuff I'm not only referring to the new Framework but also to the new Team Sites, the new pages, etc. As @Waldek Mastykarz has said the new Framework is supposed to be released at some time in the summer...indeed, you should have a message in Office 365 message center saying just this

Another approach that you could choose @Robert Woods would be to proceed with your project but postpone branding discussion until later and avoid using Custom Actions or other things that are currently blocking the modern UX. While these things will get clarified eventually it's hard to tell when exactly and delaying the implementation of the uncertain pieces could prevent you from spending time and effort no something that would block you later on.

Does this mean .Net is no longer supported? While progress marches on I will miss the .Net option. We only have limited developer resource and for us we've been able to use essentially the same original codebase for standalone asp.net sites, SharePoint application pages, examples of SharePoint add-ins and more recently Azure AD apps over several years.

That's not the message....of course .NET development is still an option, as other development models available today, and you will have scenarios where the new framework does not fit. I recommend you to read Waldek's post about what the new framework means in regards of developing for SharePoint

I had. The message I got was basically Server Side Bad, Client Side Good. That's fair enough as that seems to be the way of things and has been for some time, I just worry a little over the future of .net as a whole. It will be intersting to see how .net Core fares.


But there will be things you won't be able to do at the client side...


Server bad, client good has been the message from Microsoft for a couple of years now.  OfficeDev / PnP has a good series of videos (on channel 9 or here A list of links to the various contact points for the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices group and content.)





Maybe I need to tell my developer to learn JavaScript.Smiley Happy


Edit: Or more likely Typescript as it seems much less horrible than plain JavaScript.


Even MVPs don't have it. Right now it seems to be only available to those that attended the SharePoint Dev Kitchen. Personally, I'm not too worried - there's so much to learn already from Angular/React, Yeoman, Gulp and now Webpack. Add PnP JS Core and KurveJS and there's plenty of stuff to learn right now.

I pity future developers who have to inherit code from this era. Too many options.