'Gulp serve' freezes

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Not sure where to start or what to ask... I'm trying to learn SharePoint.  I was viewing and following SharePoint Framework Tutorials by SharePoint / Office 365 Dev Patterns & Practices.  I was following along with the documentation at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/spfx/set-up-your-development-environment.  I have also viewed other videos and joined webinars.  I tried to set it up about a week ago and ran into the same problem.  All of the other programs appeared to load successfully.  Using the PowerShell, the command 'gulp serve' freezes just before (I think) it is supposed to start the api and display the workbench.  I have attached a file of the screen output named GulpServeFroze.txt.


My environment:  Windows 8.1, i5-4460, 64bit, 16GB; PowerShell/CommandPrompt (v6.3.9600); nodejs (v6.11.3); Visual Studio Code (v1.16.0); gulp (CLI v3.9.1).  (Did I forget any?)


I would appreciate any and all comments/suggestions.  Thank you very much!!



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What happens if you open the browser yourself and navigate to https://localhost:5432/workbench?