GUI for Inventory app

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Hello, I'm developing an inventory app for equipment and personnel using Sharepoint and other Microsoft products. My original idea was to use Microsoft Access to take advantage of the relational databases, the queries, and the reports. The problem was trying to have a product that can be universal across the network; Sharepoint allowed this flexibility.  I'm interfacing Visio with a Sharepoint list to show the locations of equipment on a Visio map, but the rest of the controls are proving to be a bit clumsy. I want to be able to enter and delete people, places, and things; assign a relation between these items, and generate reports/spreadsheets of these items. Can you do VBA in Sharepoint? Would it be easier to output the data from the Sharepoint list into a database, do the query-crunching, and spit it back into the list? (latency) One of the big limitations is the approved software on the network, but Microsoft Flow may be an option in the future. If you need more information please let me know.

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