Grant App Permission automatically via REST

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Hi everybody,


I wanted to know if there is a way to automate the procedure to grant app permission.
By app permission I mean the way to grant add-in rights like described here:


Our use case is that we deploy automatically a site by using a site template which already includes a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow which for certain operations needs more rights then the user which runs it. Therefore we need grant the workflow app permissions to access a central site collection.


The goal is now to automate che procedure to grant permission to the corresponding workflow app of the newly created site automatically, in the best case by using a REST API if available.


Does someone know if there is such an API to do the automization?


Thanks for your replies already in advance.







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Hi Fabrizio,


To my knowledge there is no such API available to date. You could add a request for it using the SharePoint Uservoice


If I remember correctly @Vesa Juvonen did mention some new API's coming available soon for provisioning App packages (SPFx). So let's hope...

Hi Fabrizio,


is it online or on prem? there is a difference there. I thought it is possible depending on functionality and if online or on premm





Hi Robert,

Thank you for your immediate reply. Let's hope that the API will be extended soon.


Hi Paul,

It's for SharePoint Online. Do you know for which environment it should be possible?