Getting started with PnP - How do I start?

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I have seen the PnP since 2014, and I saw the progress Microsoft and the community are doing in that matter, however it always felt like it's a blackbox for me, and I don't know how to really use it. A lot of projects, components, samples, which one to use, samples or components? For me it's just a big repository with code, but I don't find any guidance about when to use the samples, when to use the components. I see people building cool stuff here and there but am not able to get in and do the same thing. I come from SharePoint solutions background, and I don't know if I should use the whole project in PnP and add it to my solutions? or should I borrow code from there? Are there nuget packages? How do I participate in the development and contribute? I don't see any book/detailed articles for getting started with it, and it seems only good for people who catched it and got into it from the beginning. 

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What i would have done : 1) youtube : check for ignite channel find relevant videos and watch it. 2) follow youtube channel on pnp and check relevant videos and watch it Start from the latest and then you can backtrack.

Thank you. I am following the youtube channel. The Ignite conference had lots of videos assuming you're already familiar with PnP. Isn't there any guidance like when SharePoint first released to guide us? We "SharePoint Developers" are familiar with Microsoft tools (Visual Studio and TFS), isn't there any guidance from Microsoft itself to guide us through all this Github, contributing to repos, gulp, etc..? It's too overwhelming for people used to do MS development only and we find ourselves lost in this whole contributing/open-source space. 

There is a lot of documentation out there a good start is Github to check the readme files. This explains a lot. It also depends on what you want to do. And if you run into problems you can always ask here in the Forums.

Every month there is a new video explaining some of the features by @Vesa Juvonen 

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I actually bought Paolo's book, but it's more regarding Graph and SharePoint Add-ins, rather than using the PnP itself.