Getting All Publishing Pages into Output Xml format

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When I issue the following command against a Publishing Site:


Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Handlers Pages,PageContents,Publishing,WebPart -PersistPublishingFiles -IncludeNativePublishingFiles -Verbose -Force -Debug -Out $recent/MySitePagesTemplate2-Search.xml


The Output only returns the File content for default.aspx, it does not return ANY other file located in the Search Center Pages folder.




There are several pages, results.aspx, videresults.aspx, that are not generated in the output.


Is a custom handler needed?  How do I get it to recognize the other pages.  I am willing to develop the code.  First, I would need some guidance for the best means to setup a test case in the PnP PowerShell library and then work out the code issues as required. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.








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