Getting 401 error when updating SP list item in SPFX web part

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I'm using sp/pnp to update list items in a component based spfx web part. 

We've tested timings and if the webpart is left for over 5 minutes then a 401 Unauthorized error is shown in the console when attempting to update a list item.

It doesn't happen in workbench.

Here is a list of npm packages in use:



I'm not sure it's caused by these but I've included them anyway.

I have other apps created in a similar way that don't have this timeout issue.


- I have deployed the web part to a modern experience SP Online page.

- Before the 5 minutes 'timeout', it is possible to update a SharePoint list item

- I'm using the latest version of sp pnp (V3)

- The SharePoint permissions for the user(s) experiencing are a mixture of Full Control and Contribute (which is clearly enough!)


Has anyone encountered this issue? 

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