GetDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore returns null on several Tenants via JSOM/CSOM

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We are seeing an issue in SPO with GetDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore method returning null or property or method not found via CSOM and JSOM. Anyone else running into this?

Has something changed here? @Vesa Juvonen are you aware of a change or is this simply a bug again?

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Using the super cool SharePoint Client Browser from Bram de Jager we found out that two Termstores had been associated with those tenants with none of them set as default. Microsoft kindly removed one of them and everything seems to be working again now. So it was a bug / configuration issue from Microsoft!

Sorry Oliver for the delay around this, but thanks for sharing the resolution around this.

This issue is occuring on two of our tenants (since yesterday). Both are version vti_extenderversion:SR| A third tenant still works fine, this is version



Is this a problem relating to upgrades of farms in SharePoint Online?


It is also likely to be what is stopping PnP templates being provisioned on the two tenants with an exception in  @Vesa Juvonen


We have issued a support ticket to get it fixed on the affected tenants, just posting this in case it is a recurring issue that ought to be resolved permanently.



We are currently investigating this issue and are hoping to have a resolution ASAP.





This should now be resolved.


Please refer to your service health dashboard for more details.

It's back to normal again now. Thank you @Sam Larson, quite impressed with the quick turnaround to fix this.

Hi Sam


My company have several customers experiencing the exact same issue. 


Since this is a bug in tenant creation, I assume the fix is done on all tenants with this issue as we speak? 


Or how to we make sure it is fixed on our customers? 



Jesper, Webtop A/S

This was not a bug in tenant creation, is the issue still occurring?


Can you PM me the details?

The issue is no longer present, so it seems it was fixes across the board on all our customers. Thank you :)