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I've a list with choice columns Chat emails and Chat names.
Using column Chat emails I send message to Slack in direct. 
I want to select names in column Chat name and so that the desired value from Chat emails column is automatically selected.
For example, if I select random in the Chat name column, the value email address removed for privacy reasons in the Chat emails column is automatically substituted.

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@Pavel48n0sh to do this you just need a second list with the names and email addresses and then a lookup column in your main list.


So this is the list with the names and email addresses and there is one item for Random where the email address is set to Email removed




Then in your main loist add a lookup column, select the other list as your source and select the Title column so that the names are available to be slected. Then also select the Email column so it populates the Chat email column with either the address or Email removed.




When you edit the item or add a new one, in the form select the appropriate name from the dropdown and click out of the field. The email adderss wil be entered automatically and the form saved.






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