Get SaaS subscription in SPFX web part

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Is it possible to retrieve the status of a specific SaaS subscription from the Azure Portal in a (SPFx) web part?


if so, I would like to fetch the data of that subscription and take action on the returned status.


I would like to know which API to use and what/how to authorize a request to get it, and if any user would be able to retrieve this data.


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Or is truly the only way to connect to the vendor's client ID with the whole song and dance of admin approval, creating an app registration, API access, API consent, so that the data can be retrieved from the vendor or through the vendor from the Marketplace API? It seems such an overkill of configuration and points of failure for something that's not a secret, right? "Do we have a subscription?" Yes/No, this is the status; shouldn't be a difficult question