Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate throws Access Denied error

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I am running below command in SharePoint Online Management Shell as administrator to get PnP Provisioning Template from a site collection in SharePoint online.


Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -out Lists.xml -Handlers Lists


It throws following error in PowerShell  window:


"Access denied.You do not have permission to
perform this action or access this resource."


I have checked following things:

1. User I am running with PowerShell is a site collection administrator.

2. Permission is not broken for any lists.

3. Above command runs with handlers fields and contenttypes.

4. No list has any item/document/page checked out. All data is checked in with major version published.




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Hi @Ross_Packwood 

it could be a Term Store Administration permission issue.

Could you check if your User is a Term Store Admin?



@Federico Porceddu It was my problem. Thanks

Nice :) @Campelo87