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when dealing with sites in different langages and you have to upload a document in the default document library, how do you find this default library.

Title and EntityTypeName are localized and I don't know their correspondance in every language.



EntityTypeName : Shared_x0020_Documents in english

EntityTypeName : Documents_x0020_Partages in french


Thank you in advance for your inputs.




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As soon as you have more than a document library in a SPO Site, the concept of "default" document library does not apply any more so you need to know which document library you want to use




the scenario is the following.

There is a source site (in english) migrated to a new site in a different language (French).

The home page has a webpart that displays the default document library.


Default = document library created on creation of the site.

Its name is "Shared documents" in english.

However, in the target, in french, it's "documents partages".

It's important that documents are migrated in this library in order to appear in the webpart.


Problem: when we search the library in the target, we are unable to detect that "Shared documents" = "documents partages" (or equivalent in spanish or portuguese).





And we have the same problem with page libraries in publishing sites.

In english, it's "Pages", in spanish it's "paginas" etc...