Front End for the Office Dev PnP Framework




Is anyone aware of a front end for the Office Devg PnP Framework which asks appropriate users what they want the template to provide eg navigation, theme, web parts etc  and generates a template and stores it in a list so that it can be retrieved and editted at a later date. For an On-Premises farm.





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Hi @Nigel Price


Isn't the solution that you are looking for SharePoint itself?


i.e build a site with whatever a user wants and then export it 

Hi Peter


Unfortunately not.


I have a customer who want to fill in a few forms and then out pops a reusable provisioning template.


This needs to work on-premises not online.





I guess for the application of the templates that fucntionality exists in the partner pack. Maybe that should be extended with a template management solution.


So an app where you can tick a box to generate a template from a given site and make it available to the Partnerpack site creation application.


From an end user perspective I could imagine that this would be useful. From a developer perspective I'm not sure if there would be much benefit.

Hi Pieter


I need this to work in an on-premises FArm.  Unfortunately the PArtner Pack does not yet work on-premises only online.


Hence my question.