Formatted view - hideColumnHeader not working in list webpart

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I have a list webpart on a modern site which has a view formatted with some JSON

The list column header displays even though the property hideColumnHeader is set to true (this just started happening - was fine before)

It is OK on the list page -AllItems.aspx




but on webpart page list column header displays


I am using example here to test

anybody have any ideas?





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I was actually talking about the Edit View -> Tabular View -> Allow individual item checkboxes. This used to be respected by the modern list webpart when you unchecked it. But about the same time the list formatting hideColumnHeader stopped working this stopped working as well. Basically I see no way to get rid of checkboxes on the list webpart and still have it work in conjunction with the list properties web part.

When you link a list and list properties web parts, it makes no sense to allow multiple selections.


Hi @XopherDesign,


Thanks for clarifying. I think this was also fixed with the same change which was done to fix the "hideColumnHeader" property on webpart as I am unable to reproduce this on my test list and looks like everything is working fine.


Kindly re-verify this too at your end once (the final fix can take a week to reach all the production environments).

hello @SVaibhav 


Sadly, it is still producing the same error. When you are in list view, yes it will show the right formatting when using "hideColumnHeader" but if you embed the list onto a page, that formatting reverts back and shows the Column Headers. 

Hi @HelloWorld15,


As I have mentioned earlier too, the fix can take up to a week to reach all the clients (all production environment). We have already verified this at our end with the internal test sites. Kindly wait for a couple of days and verify the same at your end.

If the problem still exists, feel free to report it back.




Confirmed fixed on my tenant. Thanks!

@SVaibhav both issues confirmed fixed in my client's government cloud tenant.

We had opened a case and closed it out today.