Force Update Files in PublicCDN

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How do we force update files (js) in publiccdn?

This article said that we have to wait 15 minutes to 1 hour to see the updated assets:


However, I have waited for several hours, but it still loads the old one.


Is there any way to force refresh the publiccdn? or any workarounds to make it loads the new one?



Maybe this is because I update the files by replacing (delete and than reupload) the whole folder with the new one. It's programmatically replaced by a SharePoint add-ins.

Then somehow the publiccdn doesn't see that as an update to the file.



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What exactly is still loading the old one?
If that is a browser, have you cleared the browser cache? Have you tried using another browser to see the change?
Are you the only one having the problem?

It's some javascript files loaded in a SharePoint page.

I've cleared all the local cache and tried using another browser.

Everyone having the problem.


I've added some information in the initial post, maybe it helps to describe the situation.

Hi Ari, I'm facing the same issue, almost one day since I've updated the file and it's not updated in the CDN yet. Did you find out why was it? Removing a creating the file again did the trick?



Hi Christian,
I found a workaround by updating the file directly in the browser.
It works in my dev tenant.
I'm still testing it in the production site.

Maybe it works as well in your environment.

I found out the issue, I had disabled the force checkout in the library feature, but the js files were created as a minor version, I just had to publish them to have them available in 15 min in the CDN.

Bien vu.

Merci pour le tuyau