Folder Level Bread-crumb without Master Page Change in SharePoint Online

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Is there a way in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online(SPO) to have a folder-level Bread-crumb navigation enabled/displayed without changing Master Page(as suggested by Microsoft considering the nature of Cloud rapid changes and recommendations on using Themes over Master Page)?


I do not find any code samples or an article from Patterns and Practices(PnP) to fill a big gap on a big enterprise roll-out scenarios. Any help here is much appreciated?


NOTE: I'm aware that in SharePoint 2010 we do have the Folder and Page bread-crumbs.


Thank you

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You would need to anker a div which is default and use a scripteditor on each pagelayout you use. it is definitly not a good solution but a workarround.


and be aware that when MS changes things your menu will not work anymore.





My 2 cents here: Don't modify custom master pages in SPO and wait until we learn/how to customize the new user experiences in SPO