Fire Azure Logic App using a button from SharePoint Online library

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Hello, I'm having trouble trying to create a workflow/logic app. I already tried with Power Automate but we need to change to Logic Apps. I need to fire the Logic App using a custom button in a SharePoint Online library. The triggers available in Logic Apps for SharePoint are not good for what I need. My trigger should work similar to a "for a selected file" in power automate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @CR-88 


Take a look at SharePoint List Formatting Samples (, specifically the Launch PowerApp sample.


In the sample a button is created for each list row to launch a power app. This is done by constructing a URL which includes the ID of the current List Item. 


For your case you would construct the URL to trigger your Logic App, passing the ID of the current List Item as a query argument in the URL. Your Logic App will then be able to determine which item it was launched for.