Filtering list/library in sharepoint online on the basis of current user group



what I want to do, I have list of documents uploaded by different Vendors , say  Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard, if person visiting to site belong to Amazon vendor then only he can see all documents uploaded by all Amazon vendor only and no other vendor, i want to filter list and show list item only to belonging to that vendor, how can i do that.


what I am thinking create security group in Active directory  say for all Vendors for amazon have one security group amazon_security and mastercard vendor have different security group Mastercard_security... like that... and we will have column for all list item say Vendor_security group.

when user access through this page, filter will apply with user security group obtain from Active directory and compare that with column of list item and display/hide list item accoringly. can this achievable?

do we need to create Active directory groups or we can achive this without active directory grouping also.




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