Filter by Item Version in KQL


I was looking for a crawled property for the list item / document version - stumbled on a few such as _Version, Version, Version0, ows_DocVersion. I have mapped them to the tenant's RefineableDecimal00.


Of course, I have re-indexed the site collection.


However, when making a search query for the property, it returns an empty value.


For example, here is a test KQL I am using in the Chrome SP Editor -> PnP JS Console:

import pnp, { SearchQuery, SearchResults } from "pnp";<SearchQuery>{
            Querytext: "Path:\"\" AND Title:\"My Item's Title\"",
            RowLimit: 16,
            SelectProperties: ["Title", "RefinableDecimal00", "Path"],
			SortList: [{
				Property: 'Created',
				Direction: 1
        }).then((response) => { console.log(response.PrimarySearchResults) })

Has anyone found a way to query for the list item version?

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Posting our solution as somebody else might find it useful:


1. We mapped the UI Version property (ows_q_TEXT__UIVersionString) to one of the Refinable Decimals

2. We have given the refinable decimal an alias (SharePointVersion) in our case.


So we were able to sort, and filter via a KQL the results, i.e. SharePointVersion>=2.1 was giving us items with version greater than or equal to 2.1 - it seems that SharePoint have successfully managed to parse the decimal value into the decimal property.