Filter a multi-select drop down column based on a choice column


I am building a new SharePoint list (we use SharePoint online) and in that list I have a lookup to Department.  This also captures the department ID number.  The next field I have is Positions.  I also have a DepartmentalPositions list (separately) that I want to use as a "linking" table that contains the DepartmentNumber and PositionID.  Ultimately what I want is when the department is selected to only display the positions that are linked to that department.  How would I go about doing this?  Eventually this list is also going to be part of a Power App.


Thanks and if I am posting to the wrong community, please let me know

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The answer here is: it depends...if you are working with classic UI, you can achieve this by means of JSLINK or JS injected in the new / edit form. If you are working with the modern UI, you have two options here:
(1) SPFx Extensions
(2) PowerApps



Thanks for the response.  I was able to do it by manipulating power apps and the use of some variables to store the IDs of the items.



Ey Bradley, glad you were able to sorted out!

Hi Brad,


I need to something similar. Can you share your solution?