Field property "ShowInEditForm" does not work in modern mode

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Hi All,


We have a scenario where we need to hide several fields from Edit form in SharePoint list. I set a field property "ShowInEditForm" to false via PowerShell  but we've noticed that field got hidden not only in Edit form but also in Display form. This behavior occurs in modern experience mode - in classic mode it works as expected (field is hidden only in Edit form).


Should this be considered a modern experience bug or this is expected behavior and we should use PowerApps to hide fields instead of setting properties ShowInNewForm/ShowInEditForm/ShowInDisplayForm?



Microsoft support reproduced this problem, but we still didn't get an answer if this is going to be fixed in the future or it is expected behavior.

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I'm also having the same issue, I need to add a field with the following setup:






But on modern UI it does not show at all! The only way that the users can see the info is on a view, and they can actually change (which we dont want) by going to quick edit...


If we make it ReadOnly is going to be worse, because we get the same "not displaying" situation but also we are not able to update the field (even internally)...


Have MS updated you on this issue?

Microsoft keeps me updating that PG team is still investigating (premier support ticket is open for 2 months already).

Now I'm using PowerApps to customize lists forms to be able to show fields in Display form and hide from Edit from.




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Finally received a reply from Microsoft - this is expected behavior in modern experience:


"Thank you for contacting Microsoft regarding your request of “ShowInEditForm not working properly in Modern UI  Field is hidden in Display form as well”.

We have conducted a thorough investigation into this matter and determined that under the current configuration, the product behaves as expected.

The reason for the behavior is that in Modern UI the display form is at the same time an Edit Form ( it allows for inline edits), therefore the product correctly hides the field that should not be edited. We are looking into options of improving the user experience in this area but we cannot commit to a specific timeframe nor can we communicate any specific implementation details at this point.

For each request, we strive to find the best possible solution for our customers while maintaining or improving the quality of our product and ensuring continued integrity of the product code base. We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and continuing to work with us on improving our products for customers worldwide."

@Jovita Elzbutaitėno matter what MS says, it does NOT behave as expected.


while having this settings on a field schema:

ShowInEditForm="FALSE" ShowInNewForm="FALSE" ShowInDisplayForm="TRUE"

I expect, when surfing to this form where the field is configured

"/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=1" (a page which is also modernized, except it is not exposed in the UI anymore sadly!)

to actually show the field in question, at present it does not. So it is a bug...


Please fix!

@Jovita Elzbutaitė I am also facing this issue. For me, we would like to hide fields in a Document library where Microsoft is yet to enable PowerApps as forms customization option. :(

Wow! MS blames technical difficulties of Modern UI development for not supporting basic SharePoint functionality! This is shameful display of ignorance of those Modern UI developers. Either take away support for the ShowInEditForm and ShowInDisplayForm properties, or find a way to make it work in ootb SharePoint. Why do we need to create PowerApps forms for every list just because they can't find a way to hide a field on a form? Some fields just should not be edited and a lot of logic went into developing such lists.
Microsoft, please educate your developers on how SharePoint is supposed to wok, and don't make SharePoint not work properly because they can't code it.