Fabric UI component not showing in IE, help!

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I have created a bottom placeholder which contains a Callout component. 

The components looks and works right in chrome and FF but it doesn't even renders in IE nor Edge: 

This is how looks in chrome and ff: 



And this is what IE shows (both edge and ie 11):


In the console I can see that the component is not even rendered to the html. The div ms-textAlignCenter should contains the component:



What is happening? 

The code is this: 

<div className="ms-Grid-col ms-sm12 ms-md4 ms-lg3">
<div className="ms-textAlignCenter" ref={this._menuButtonElement}>
{this.state.current != null ?
<span id="toggleCallout" className={styles.buttonCallout} onClick={this._onShowMenuClicked}>
<img src={this.state.current.icon}></img> {this.state.current.name}
<span className="ms-Icon ms-Icon--ChevronDownMed verChevronIcon"></span></span>
: null}

Any ideas why this is happening? 


UPDATE: I debugged the code and found that in {this.state.current.name} current is empty and IE doesn't render the component. The strange is that chrome and ff does.


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@Americo Perez, have you got solution for this? I'm encountering same problem.