Extract uploaded email metadata into SPO columns: feasible with SPFx?

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I am attempting to develop a solution that provides the following functionality:

  • When an email file (.msg) is uploaded to a SPO library configured for emails, the email metadata (to, from, subject, etc.) is automatically extracted and saved into corresponding columns.

There are third-party products for this, but if possible my client wants to avoid the ongoing costs and implement their own solution.

My question is: would it be feasible to do this with a client-side Javascript add-in created with the SharePoint Framework?

The theory is if the script included an email parser* to extract metadata from the email header, then this could be saved into columns via a CRUD operation provided by SPFx. This would be fired via an eventlistener or Workflow attached to the folder that the emails are uploaded to.

Before I go too far down the SPFx road, could someone please confirm if this is a realistic approach?


(*such as this one: https://github.com/ykarpovich/msg.reader)

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IMHO you are going to need "something" on the server side that can process your incoming e-mails, extract metadata and updates each e-mail stored in the document librarary. This process could be implemented on an Azure Function that can be called on demand or just run on a schedule

Thanks for your reply Juan Carlos, I'll look into it.