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Hi All,


I am new here and my first post so apologies if the same question has been asked before. I am trying to update translations using via the 'Export Translation' feature within Site Administration in SharePoint. I have ensured the option to replace with translation under advanced options in language setup is enabled. I have also switched off translations in the Edge browser. The 'Only export text that is not translated:' is set to 'no' - though I have tried switching to 'yes' also as a test.


However when I export the resx file a number of text on my site is missing. Some of the text is present but am puzzled as to why this is the case - I have carefully gone through the resx file - even saved in excel so I can see clearer but indeed some page content is missing.


Am I missing a trick here, Is there something else I should try?


Your views on this will be greatly appreciated.



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First, the replace with translation under advanced options in language setup is something a bit different. It refers to whether if you later change the text in the base language of a UI element which has already has a translation, whether the translation should  be wiped out.  It is a choice between having the UI have translated text which is in the right language but one version behind or have it in the wrong language altogether.

Exporting will only export the user interface elements that are MUI-enabled.  That includes names/titles and descriptions for: site,navigation node including hub navigation, list,column, content type, and list view, and a couple of other things for classic sites.  If what you are missing is not one of these elements, then it won't be there.  Every now and then something mysteriously is not exported when it should be.  It's not 100% reliable, unfortunately.


Thanks Martin - makes perfect sense. Just now trying to ascertain how best to implement own translations if the export option is not reliable as you have alluded to.