Expand Multiline Text with active append feature - No SP Designer, No Workflows

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I need your help with a special problem I've got here in our Sharepoint environment.

For the last days I tried a lot of possible solutions that I found here and on other websites without any success.


What I have:

  • A Sharepoint 2016 website with limited functionality (German UI)
  • CSR seems to work
  • I can upload .js files
  • Script editor works

What I don't have:

  • Sharepoint Designer is not allowed here
  • Custom workflows are not allowed here

What I want to achieve:

  • I have a set up "Issue Tracking" list with active versioning
  • In this list there is by default a column "Comments" - a multiline text box with append feature
  • I really need the functionality of the append multiline text box
  • I the default list view this column shows a link with: "Einträge anzeigen..." which should be translated "view entries..."
  • Now I would like to show all the entries expanded in my default list view...

Can you please help me to get this to work?

I believe the solution must be in Client Side Rendering as I'm able to use this feature. I can't use workflows or sharepoint designer here. 

Thanks in advance!

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You migh want to rethink having that field showing in the first place. If it does show everything you could end up having an entry that has so much data in that column that you would have to scroll a bit to see it all and your view entries will all be uneven and really not very readable.

Take a multi line column and add it and put a bunch of data in random entries and go look at your views and you will see what I’m talking about.

Otherwise without doing a list extension via code don’t link you can really accomplish what your looking at doing. Or using Jquery to just completely create you own custom data list table of all data.

Yeah I know that this will be a messy table :) But I really need this for one specific view.

I got a working solution some moments ago in the technet forums: