Exception while executing code from PnP - CustomCssWeb

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I just downloaded the CustomCssWeb project, and I just tried to run it on an Office 365 site I have. I am the tenant admin and site collection admin on that site, once I ran it and clicked the button to run the scenario, I got the following exception as shown in the attached image. 


"Acced Denied, you do not have permission to perform this action"

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Can you uninstall the add-in by right clicking the SP project in VS. Once that's done try to deploy again using F5...you should get a prompt of SharePoint asking you to consent the add-in to use the permissions it requests. Without that consent done the add-in has no permissions, hence the access denied your seeing.

Thanks Bert. I ran the project using F5, it asked me to trust a certificate for the project locally. Then when it opened SharePoint, it asked me to trust this App, which I did.

Which platform are you targetting: SPO?

Which browser are you launching when you press F5 in Visual Studio?

Are you a site collection administrator of the site you're installing into and is that site a developer site collection?



Hi Bert, 


I am using Visual Studio 2015 with SPO. Default browser is Chrome.


I am the tenant admin/site collection admin