Excel service rest api throwing forbidden response code in Sharepoint designer 2013 workflow

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Objective : Reading excel file (when this file changed) which exist in sharepoint online document library. Insert excel data in List.


Technical approach : Create a workflow in Sharepoint Designer 2013 & call excel service rest api in workflow. Workflow will run only when this excel sheet will be changed.


Problem: When calling excel service rest api with proper headers, getting forbidden error. Headers passed :

Accept - application/json; odata=verbose

Content-Type - application/json; odata=verbose


Analysis : When testing excel service rest api using fiddler, its not throwing any error & giving correct response. When calling this service in Javascript, its giving result without any error.


Can anyone please tell me what is the problem ?


Asked question here but not agree with solution : https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/5833a92b-cb9b-4335-9cad-0f97428ed492/excel-service...


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