Error in user profile Bulk Import - Get-PnPUPABulkImportStatus

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I'm working on a script to create a JSON file to use with the PnPUPABulkImport commands. I'm able to generate a JSON file. The New-PnPUPABulkImportJob returns an object with information about the job. I can see that the JSON file gets uploaded to the correct Document Library, and the Get-PnPBulkImportStatus command returns a status of "Processing".  Eventually, I get a status of Error, with an Error value "InvalidDataFile" and ErrorMessage saying that it is unable to retrieve the error information.  I thought that error information would be put in a new folder in the Document Library where the JSON is, but that's not happening.


Where's a good place to look for the problem with my JSON, and how the capture the error information?



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