Error getting a Client Side Page using Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate

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I am getting this error when I try and export a Client Side Page using Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate:-


powershell.exe Warning: 0 : 2018-03-29 15:45:41.9596 [Client Side Page Contents] [9] [Information] This page is not a valid client side page and can't be extracted. Underlying error = Page About.aspx is not a "modern" client side page. 720ms 673a7b73-01bf-4e81-acc4-399eec9f6d5a


How does the Provisioning Engine determine this.  @VesaJuvonen


This was working before the March update.  Does anyone know what has changed ?





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I am only expecting to get the welcome page. as this is a limitation of the provisioning engine.